Hello there! Obviously, my name is Francia. I liveย in the Philippines. I grew up in the Bicol region where the beautiful Mt. Mayon volcano is situated. I independently moved to Laguna to earn my degree in chemical engineering at the University of the Philippines Los Baรฑos. I took up engineering because manipulating numbers was easy for me. But ever since I was a kid, I am enthusiastic about arts. Today, I am already 24 and I am on the process of building a brand.


I created “I am Francia” to contain my hobbies. I have a wide selection of interest but being creative is somehow present in all of it. Today I am enjoying my career path and to keep me occupied I created this blog. I often stumble on social media bio which contains or defines themselves as engineer/lawyer/accountant/insert-any-profession-here and I am somehow one of them. I created this blog to turn my life’s definition from “engineer” to leader/influencer/founder (I know…I dream big!). I am hoping this blog will help me fulfill my purpose and give my readers ideas and inspiration.