We Ate All We Can @ Sambokojin SM Megamall

Maki Mix. Make sure a platter of maki has the optimum variety.
IMG_0097 (2)
Platter Pairs. We learned that only one type of Maki or Sushi should be in a plate because eat-all-you-can is about the number of different food one can taste not the amount of food one can take.
Because Bacon. Having one type of meat on a plate is not bad sometimes; just make sure there are vegetables to get a balanced meal.
IMG_0098 (2)
A Serious Business. Smokeless grills at Sambokojin make you sweat before you eat.
Deep Fried Seafood. Remember to reserve space for the tempura, kani tempura, and salmon furai (?), and don’t waste food (like Pancha) because Sambokojin charge for leftovers.
Protein Plate. Who can say no to cheese wrapped in bacon and a few slices of roast beef and lamb even with a full tummy?
Heat Tolerant Cheese. Grilling does not melt the cheese; it only makes the bacon tastier.
Second Stomach. Humans have evolved a second stomach meant for dessert.
Crew Photographer. Thank you to the kind “Kuya” working at Sambokojin; his funny antics made sure we smiled for this couple pic.

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