The Falls of Luisiana Laguna

Are you not entertained? Aliw Falls entertain locals and tourists with its beauty.
Aliw and I
Giants and Dwarfs. Aliw falls offer tourists its beauty from afar or fun beneath the shower of its water.


On Top Aliw
We are on top of Aliw. The top of Aliw falls maybe more beautiful when it is not as dry as this.
Before Aliw
The Source of Happiness. Behind us, a river flows toward the edge of Aliw falls.
Looking Down Aliw
Looking Down. Sitting down the edge of Aliw falls is not that scary especially with a view of this beauty.
Aliw Shower
Water Falls on Love. Maximize the experience and have a shower on a ledge of rock near the top of Aliw falls
Aliw and Friends
A Shower of Fun. Aliw falls has enough fun for you and your friends, the more, the merrier!
The Pool in Between. Talay falls is not as accessible as Aliw falls because of the deep pool.
Finding the Hidden 1
Searching for the Hidden. The path to the (not-so) Hidden falls requires a bit of rock climbing skills.
Finding the Hidden 2
Gaps and Rocks. The Hidden falls should be renamed thee Hard-to-Get-There falls.
Hiding its Beauty. After the short rock climb, the beauty of Hidden falls is worth the effort. One can climb another set of rocks to enjoy a shower by the falls.
Hidden and I
Hidden No More. There are cooler places around, but this is the only spot where one can take a good picture of Hidden falls.
Single File
Single File. The hike to Hulugan falls is the longest. This is the easy part.
Hulugan Peeks
Sneak Peek. Hulugan falls showcases its beauty even before we get there.
Keep Falling in Love. Hulugan falls is so high, our guide did not show us a way to reach the top. All the activity is in the pool at the foot of the falls.

See gallery for full set of photos.


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