First Prenuptial Shoot Experience

Janette x Ivan.

Location: Sierra Madre, Rizal

Hi everyone! Let me share my first prenuptial shoot experience. It was tiring, but I learned a lot. Keep reading and I hope you get something from this.

I was asked by a friend to take photos for her prenuptial compilation. At first I doubt my capabilities but a part of me was excited to do this. And so I said yes. I was not prepared. I just have two lenses, a 35mm kit lens and a 50mm fixed lens. LOL.

So here are some of the photos. These were taken at Sierra Madre Rizal. Overall, I was happy with the results but I wish I have took photos in raw. I could have done better adjustments if I took photos in raw, especially most of my shots still needs improvement. Because this is a prenup shoot I focused on taking the emotions of the couple. But I forgot to take photos of close up details, maybe because I was using a fixed lens most of the time. Anyway, I’m very satisfied with the experience. It was tiring and challenging to make the couple pose. But at the same time, I had fun capturing moments and emotions.

Congratulations to this couple, I hope I gave justice to their prenuptial shoot.



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